An international student’s first term at the International Study Centre

Students sat around the pond on campus

Our student ambassador Maather, from Oman, joined us at University College Dublin International Study Centre in September 2020. Find out more about her experience studying with us below.

Our first term

Our first term started in September with induction week. During this time our teachers told us about many aspects of university life, like online safety and some wonderful places you can go with your fellow students, like Dublin Zoo, the Irish Immigration Museum, and the National Gallery of Ireland. It was so lovely as we met people from other cultures; that’s why I adore studying abroad. Unfortunately I can’t meet and hang out with my classmates because of the restrictions, and some of them are still in their home countries.

It was big news when our teacher told us that we have a lab class on-campus. Just take a moment to imagine our happiness at that time. On 11 December, we went to the University and we were given our lab coat and goggles. Then, we did two chemical experiments. At the end of the lab session, our teacher gave us some candy as a present!

My best memory

To break the ice, the International Study Centre said they intended to do a meetup on Zoom. I think the whole class was a bit scared because we had never met each other. It was adorable. I can safely say that that is my best memory. We talked a lot, we learned about each other’s interests and where my classmates live. We were given some questions to ask each other like:

  • If you had million dollars what would you do with it?
  • If you go to a desert island, name three things you are going to take with you.
  • What is your favourite type of music?
  • Name some countries that you have visited.

I would love to go back to normal life, where we can meet our friends and teachers, participate in clubs and have fun. As we know, studying virtually is completely different to studying face-to-face, but I hope all of you will be patient and healthy.

I am really excited to meet you all one day, and hope that the pandemic will be a memory in the coming months.

If you are interested in joining us at University College Dublin International Study Centre, you can learn about our International Foundation Year programme here.