International Foundation Year Entry Requirements

To study at University College Dublin International Study Centre, you will need to meet certain academic and English language requirements. Please see our table for details and consider this information before applying to study the International Foundation Year.

If you do not meet our English language requirements to study our International Foundation Year, we also offer an English language preparation course to improve your IELTS level before studying with us.

Entry requirements

You must have achieved the following:

English Language
  • IELTS 5.0 overall, with 5.0 in writing (English language preparation class available for students with a score of 4.5)
  • TOEFL - Listening 15, Reading 13, Speaking 18, Writing 15
  • IGCSE/GCSE: 5 passes at A-C, in relevant subjects with a C in Maths (excluding native language) assuming this is the only qualification being offered
  • Cambridge O Levels: 5 passes at A-C in relevant subjects, with a C in Maths (excluding native language).
  • New grades 9 - 4 in English and Maths.
  • Have good high school grades
  • Be at least 17 years old at the start of the course

Find out more about valid test providers and approved test centre locations for tests taken on or after 6 April 2015. To find out if you are exempt from the SELT requirement, and to find out about acceptable English language tests, please contact us.

Country specific entry requirements

You must be what is defined as an ‘overseas student’ and not eligible for EU fees to enrol on a pathway programme. If you have a European passport, please read the pages for EU applicants on the UCD website.

In order to make the most of your time at the International Study Centre, we ask applicants to attain a minimum level of education. Use the table below to find out the relevant qualifications for your country.

Country Qualifications

Successful completion of High School Certificate at an average grade of 60%

Successful completion of the Cambridge Overseas School Certificate grades 1-6 in 4 or more subjects

China (Mainland)
Successful completion of SH2 at an average of 75% (80% for Business and Management) in 5 or more subjects, or SH3 at an average of 70% (75% for Business and Management) in 4 or more subjects (in both cases must include key subjects)

Hong Kong

Form 5 in a minimum of 4 academic relevant subjects at pass level from top schools or 2C and 2D in 4 academic subjects from other schools

China (Macau)
Successful completion of Form 5 with average grade 75%, or iGCSE / 'O' Levels with grade C or above in 5 relevant subjects including English

Successful completion of the West African School Certificate (WAEC) or Senior School Certificate average grade 6 or above in 4 or more subjects



Year 12 (HSC) 60%, with 65% required for relevant subjects e.g. English, Math and Sciences 

Successful completion of SMU 2/Sikolah Menegah at grade 7.0 or above, or SMU 3 with an average of 6.5 out of 5 academic subjects

Successful completion of High School Diploma (3 years) with a GPA of 14 including relevant subjects

Successful completion of Kotogakko with grade average of 70% or GPA of 3.5

Successful completion of Tawjihi with average of 80%

Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education with GPA of 4.0

Korean High school graduation equivalency exam - 70%+ including relevant subjects, SH3 with an average score of at least 4/9 in the High School Leaving Certificate with scores of at least 3/9 in subjects that are relevant to the intended undergraduate degree programme NB 1st Grade (highest) to 9th Grade (lowest)

Successful completion Secondary Education Certificate with average of 80%

SPM school: Form 5, Term 2 or Mid-Year transcript - Grades of A- C achieved in 5 relevant academic subjects to include English and Maths

Successful completion of Bachillerato with average score of 75%

Diplôme du Baccalauréat with grade average of 12

Successful completion of West African School Certificate (WAEC) with grades A - C in 4 or more relevant subjects

Successful completion of High Secondary Certificate with passes in 4 or more subjects with an average of 60%

Successful completion of Thanawaya Aam Qatari with average grade 80%, or QSSC - minimum 5 subjects with 3 subjects at Advanced Level with grades A-C

Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education with a GPA of 4.0

Secondary 4: Term 2 or Mid-Year transcript - Grades of A- C achieved in 5 relevant academic subjects to include English and Maths

Saudi Arabia
Successful completion of Tawjihi with average of 80% including relevant subjects

Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) are GCSE comparable on subject for subject basis (excluding English Language) - at least 6 x O Levels at Grade B or above

Senior High School Year 3 pass with 'good' grades (60%). Senior High School Year 2 with outstanding grades (75%). Student's High school will be also considered as a part of evaluating the application

Successful completion of MAW5 with grade 2.5 or MAW6 with grade 2.0 in academic subjects including at least 2.0 in Maths and Science subjects

Devlet Lise Diploması (High School Completion) with 65% overall with minimum 60% in relevant subjects

Successful completion of Tawjihiyya with average of 80%, including relevant subjects

Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education with a GPA of 7.0

Successful completion of Secondary School/Year 12 or a National University Entrance Examination score of 7.0

English language preparation course

If you haven’t achieved an IELTS score of 5.0 you can take our Language for Study modules at the International Study Centre. Students with an IELTS score of 4.5 will need to study at least one term of Language for Study to meet entry requirements. Courses start in June or September. If you achieve the required grades in the Language for Study module, you will be able to start your pathway programme.