UCD College of Engineering and Architecture

UCD College of Engineering and Architecture offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, covering disciplines across engineering and architecture. After successfully completing the International Foundation Year in Engineering and Sciences at the International Study Centre, you can progress to study your undergraduate degree in the following Schools:

  • UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy
  • UCD School of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering

What can I study?

After your International Foundation Year at the International Study Centre, you will be able to progress to a number of degree options within the UCD College of Engineering and Architecture.

You will learn traditional engineering principles to build a strong foundation in electrical/electronic and mechanical engineering, while also learning how to apply this knowledge to medicine and healthcare. You will graduate with an understanding of new medical techniques, systems and devices, putting you in the best position to improve healthcare.

If you want your work to include aspects of the sciences, mathematics and engineering, then this is the degree for you. You will learn about the transformation of matter and energy, and how to apply these principles into products and services.

Studying this degree, you will learn the design, construction and maintenance of the natural and build structures surrounding society. Your work will include the design of bridges, buildings, roads and dams.

Electrical engineers have contributed to revolutionising the way we live today. As an electrical engineer, you will be part of leading the way designed technologies shape our world.

Electronic engineers have also contributed greatly to the modern world. From the way we share information to solving the world’s most pressing environmental problems, your work is key in helping to create a better future.

Mechanical engineering provides you with the education, skills and knowledge you’ll need to understand the challenges facing the world today, from creating sustainable growth and global mobility to climate change. Graduates play a key role in developing new, innovative solutions for a better future.

Be at the forefront of architectural and urban design. You will learn how to engage creatively and constructively to learn the fundamentals and technical skills for designing buildings, urban environments and landscapes. You will graduate with the analytical and creative abilities to produce innovative solutions that make a difference in the way people interact with space.

This degree blends two disciplines to broaden your understanding of environmental, social and economic issues. You will learn how to think critically about the space around you, analysing development and environmental issues within the context of policy. Your coursework will prepare you for a future as an urban designer or environmental policy expert, directly impacting your community.

Landscape architecture is an exciting field which teaches you how to design with nature, to improve the world and the way people live. You will blend traditional architecture with creativity to transform urban and rural areas.

Creatively shaping the world

Schools within the UCD College of Engineering and Architecture offer an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, research and learning with a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree options. You will be encouraged to think creatively about the way we use space, sustainability and our impact on the world. Whether you’re learning about design thinking, food processing or chemical transformations, you will be a part of shaping the future of the built and natural environment.

Professional accreditation

Students from around the world choose UCD because of its professional accreditation. Each school in the UCD College of Engineering and Architecture is individually accredited by prominent organisations, unique to each discipline. The UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy is accredited by:

  • the Royal Institute of British Architects
  • the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
  • the Royal Town Planning Institute
  • the Irish Planning Institute
  • the Irish Landscape Institute

These high standing accreditations mean you can be confident your education is of the highest quality so you will be prepared to achieve your goals.

Excellent career prospects

UCD is an international university with strong links with global employers, such as Jaguar Land Rover, GlaxoSmithKline and BP. If you decide to progress to graduate study, you may have the opportunity to gain professional work experience. UCD also hosts an annual Science, Engineering and Technology recruitment fair on campus with over one hundred national and international companies. Attending these fairs throughout your university career will help you build a valuable network with companies looking for bright and ambitious new graduates like you.