Colleges at UCD

University College Dublin is made up of colleges which specialise in different disciplines. Each college is made up of subject-specific schools which deliver excellence in teaching, scholarship and research.

Outstanding colleges

Once you successfully complete your International Foundation Year programme at the International Study Centre, you can progress to one of the following colleges:

UCD College of Business

The UCD College of Business is Ireland’s top business school, delivering quality education to students from around the world for over 100 years. It is the only business college in Ireland to hold the ‘triple crown’ of international accreditations, so you can be sure you will be studying high quality courses and learning from experienced teaching staff. Explore Business at UCD.

UCD College of Engineering and Architecture

The UCD College of Engineering and Architecture offers a wide range of degrees in engineering science, technology, design, planning and environment. In this active, research-led environment, you will have the opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge research and contribute to designing a sustainable future. Discover the subject.

UCD College of Health and Agricultural Sciences

Established in 2015, the UCD College of Health and Agricultural Sciences brings all of UCD’s health professionals together. If you’re interested in health, medicine or agriculture, this college will provide you with the expertise and degree options needed for a successful career and exciting future. Explore the College.

UCD College of Science

This internationally recognised college specialises in all science disciplines, with leading research happening in state-of-the-art facilities. You will have the opportunity to engage in exciting research, preparing you with practical skills and advanced thinking. Discover Science at UCD.

UCD College of Social Sciences and Law

The UCD College of Social Sciences and Law is the leading centre for education and research in the social sciences. As a student here, you will learn alongside international students and staff, working in multidisciplinary methods to understand key social science disciplines, law, and philosophy. Discover Social Sciences and Law.